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MindSpring Enterprise was an Internet service provider headquartered in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Founded on February 1, 1994, MindSpring merged with EarthLink on February 4, 2000, with the company retaining the EarthLink name. In 2006, the MindSpring brand was relaunched by EarthLink as a free VoIP service, but was discontinued in early 2008.


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Former Freelancer - Anonymous Freelancer says

"On behalf of the management team, we regret that you did not have a positive experience with our firm. We take pride in our direct communication style and retention of team members, but we believe yours may have been a unique situation. We would welcome a chance to talk through this with you if you would like to reach out. Lauren Nickels, Human Resources and Operations Associate, 312-262-3143."


"The recruiter said I was interviewing for an IT position. Then the day of the interview with "X" company, the interviewer mention that the position I applied for is not an IT position, it is a customer service position."


"No training / structure. High turn over."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Lack of training and development, low base salary (compared to competition) and commission structure makes you feel like you're being taken advantage of, also lack of positive feedback and guidance."

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a great place to get a high quality temp position. The management leaves a lot to be desired but they do not micro mange you. Make sure you are polished and have a sense of humor for your interview."

Tiffany Boyle says

"I have yet to receive my order! I placed the order 6 months ago. I was told it would ship as soon as it became available from backorder.."

Pamela says

"I spent over $80 in one order and I wore one of the tshirts, the entire bottom hem unraveled. It was the first time I wore it. I contacted Peace Frog and never received a response of any kind."

Kimberly says

"Many attempts to contact customer service to update shipping, no one ever answered or responded to voicemails. We needed the shirts for an event, and didn't receive them until 2 weeks after."

Jenna M says

"Placed an order for a sweater and they shipped me a t-shirt that wasn't even close to the same design I wanted..on top of that enclosed was someone else's details meaning someone likely got mine. When I contacted customer service they were short and not very helpful but in the end it was resolved but has deterred me from placing any further orders."